National Engine Seal Numbers
(Written by Bruce Pierce, 3/30/00)

I recently received a book from Federal-Mogul ( they bought out National seals)  that lists seals by manufacturers part number.   The book is the National Oil Seals master Interchange # 425.  You can request a FREE copy by calling 1-800-560-1400. Here is the published list of Fairmont numbers and theirs.  I cannot verify the accuracy of the list, but it is in the book along with Onan numbers, and Fairbanks-Morse.

Fairmont    National
    #                   #

F12546       473215
F2940         5727
F5109         415036
F5145         450101
F5151         473225
F5228         470045
F5421         450104
F5422         455003
F5609         417073
F5610         417485
F6647         472439
F673           450076
F6731         450076
F7617         450069
F7819         415988

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Last Edited 20 December, 2002