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ir being towed 99.jpg (34967 bytes)

This is what it looks like when you're being towed!!!!!! Stan Conyer towed my ex-CN MT19 after I had flooded the engine during the Illinois Railnet excursion in 1999.

hist_track_car.jpg (120180 bytes)

Now this is a motor car! Photo printed from a glass plate negative made in 1915 at Edgemont, Md. on the Western Maryland.

steelton yard.jpg (61310 bytes)

I guess that this motor car won't be seen on the rails anytime soon. Photographed by raildude in Steelton Yard, which is the ex-ACR, now WC and soon to become CN facility in Sault Ste Marie.

mexican VW speeder.jpg (6122 bytes)

Only in Mexico! In 1971, a track gang from the Chihuahua Pacific Railway spent many hours refurbishing their motor car with automobile parts - from roof to hubcaps.

toonerville speeder.jpg (7595 bytes)

This speeder is on the Toonerville Trolley, a 24" gauge tourist line in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that links Soo Junction with the Tahquamenon Riverboat Service.

BN car with golf clubs.jpg (19269 bytes)

At the Washtucna depot in Eastern Washington during September 1985, this BN motor car operator was planning to inspect the track from Washtucna to Pasco and then play some golf in Pasco the following day.

les king mini.jpg (32531 bytes)

A British Mini car modified for rail use by Canadian Pacific in the Northwest, rescued by Les King. There were apparently 5 of these cars so modified.

UP connector.jpg (36029 bytes)

In a June 1974 railroad magazine, this photo appeared with the caption "QUICK QUIZ: What transcontinental main line uses this crossover between its two tracks? Answer: Union Pacific, at Castle Rock, Utah. This stretch of 75-pound rail shown in the photo taken on August 7, 1973, is trod only by track cars."

m9 steering 99.jpg (33361 bytes)

Who says that you can't steer a motor car. This contrivance, along with flangeless rubber wheels on the rear,  allowed this open M9 to be driven down the main street as part of the annual parade in Marquette, Michigan.

mktcars.jpg (49140 bytes)

From an article on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (The Katy) in "Railroad Magazine", July 1948 issue. The scan shows a delightfully modified Fairbanks-Morse motor car and it's replacement. 

dssa_water_craft.jpg (69507 bytes)

In May 1960, this DSS&A section crew cautiously navigated between Soo Junction and Hulbert in Upper Michigan. Note the outboard motor providing power.

bcr_railbus.jpg (17623 bytes)

Published in Trains Magazine, this railbus was converted from Fairmont motor cars for BC Rail to provide daily transport for the Seton Lake Indian Band. Probably used a couple of A cars.

mktrailmobile.jpg (60897 bytes)

The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Superintendent's "Railmobile". That is one fancy hyrail. 

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